Introduction to Ayurveda

Posted on October 29, 2014

An Introduction to Ayurveda

When: Saturday 29th November  1-4pm (3hrs)
Where: The Orchard Prahran
Cost: $60 including discussions, self-analysis of doshas and Ayurvedic snacks.

Phone 0427 571 323 for more information.

In-depth Introductory Workshop

The workshop will be split in two sections. The first half will focus on finding the prominent body/mind type (there are 3 air, fire and water), these are also known as doshas. We will look at how we live our life through our dosha and how that dosha influences our body, emotions and thoughts either negatively or positively. In the second half we will go into how to find real lasting balance by making conscious changes and decisions that bring the 3 doshas into a working harmony. This includes diet, exercise, work, social pretty much every part of our lives.

Each participant will leave with ideas that they can use in real practical ways. These practical and transformative sessions will bring about an awareness and empowerment through self-realisation. Come and share a fantastic afternoon with like-minded people, delicious ayurvedic refreshments will be served.