About Us

Want to know a little more about us? The Orchard Prahran started with a vision back in 2013 to make all things wellness accessible to the health conscious who would want to improve their health without the overpriced price tag we normally see on the market. These services are usually considered to be a luxury item where you would only treat yourself on a special occasion. But we don’t see it that way, we see your health and wellbeing to be a priority therefore these services are viewed as a necessity. It must be available to be included into everyones weekly routine.

Our philosophy is simple, ensure to have the best wellness equipment available on the market, provide an excellent service to our clients at prices you can afford to come in on a weekly basis so you get the most benefit. Our main focus which we believe has got us so far ahead now was that we strongly believe all the services we have are so beneficial to your mind body and soul by themselves but to combine services together you get an amplified affect that is compounding.

We had a big heart with big dreams but we were little seeds growing. Our vision started with one infrared sauna and the support of the great man Michael. Michael is the father of Prahran Health Foods, Australian Vitamins and The Orchard Prahran. It was he who saw our vision and backed by giving us time to grow as with one sauna you could only guess how it will take achieve what we have achieved this far.

We have worked tirelessly over the years to reach our first milestone. And that is to have 8 different services available under the one roof. We are very excited to have reached 8 services to date.

We now have the following services available to you:

  1. mild Hyperbaric Oxygen
  2. Molecular Hydrogen(H2)
  3. Red Light (Photobiomodulation) with H2
  4. Infrared Sauna with H2,
  5. Ice Bath/Cold Plunge Therapy
  6. Floatation,
  7. EE System with Compression Boots and H2.
  8. Compression Boots and H2

Your very own wellness centre that personalises every treatment to your needs.

 Opening hours

Tues – Thurs 12pm-8:30pm

Fri-Sun – 10am-5:30pm


We book our combo packs in the following order:

  1. mHBOT therapy
  2. Red Light therapy + molecular hydrogen
  3. Infrared sauna therapy + molecular hydrogen
  4. Floatation therapy

Our inspiration

The launch of The Orchard Prahran in early 2014 signals an expansion of our downstairs philosophy to accommodate the fusion of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Our space, a tranquil haven to find peace will be overseen by passionate people that value self care and nurture. Its time we invest in ourselves.

You can extend the improvement of your health using our newest services, floatation pods, infrared saunas, hyperbaric oxygen chambers molecular hydrogen and now red light (photobiomodulation) therapy.

Relax your mind, recover and recharge, let the tension melt away.

The next time you visit Prahran Health Foods, ask to take a few steps upstairs to see our new space, The Orchard Prahran, your journey to health.